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The Success of Open Source & The Open Source Way

In Chapter 3 of Stephen Weber's The Success of Open Source, there was a listing of eight "General Principles" contained within the chapter. Last week, we discussed in class the five pillars of "The Open Source Way."

  1. What are the titles of each Pillar?
  2. What are the titles of each General Principle?
  3. What are the similarities between Weber's eight principles, and the five pillars?
  4. What are the differences?
  5. Bonus: Who's "keen analysis" did Weber "Draw Heavily" upon?"
  6. Double-Bonus: What was the title of this "keen analysis." (Hint: Weber hinted at the title when he was talking about Cathedrals earlier in the chapter.)
  7. Triple-Bonus: Where can this keen analysis be found? (Answer in URL form, i.e. http://placeofkeenanalysisis.com/analysis)

Q: How do I quiz?

A: 3 Steps:

  1. Create a blog post that includes each question, with the answer to each question below it, on your HFOSS Blog you set up in First Flight.
  2. Add a line to the bottom of your .yaml file you edited in first flight, with the link to your post.
  3. Send decause a pull request. Once your pull-request is accepted, you have completed the quiz.